Sunday, 31 January 2010

January End

The end of January. I can hardly believe it, although i have to admit that the month isn't among my favourites. I shouldn't complain though,as it been a good four weeks of photography and photographic theory. When i say theory, i mean getting things worked out in my head about my photography. That delicate process of creative study. I'm developing new ideas, new influences and maybe even a new photo taking philosophy. It's a work in progress.

Speaking of work in progress, I'm in huge admiration of those participants taking part in the 365 project which involves taking a photo each day for the whole year. A real challenge, and one that i think ranks amongst the toughest a photographer can face. Taking a photo each day, with all of life's distractions and pitfalls, isn't an easy job. As for me, well I'll continue to develop ideas and study some visual influences that range from cinematic to canvas.

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