Thursday, 18 February 2010

Film and Ready Brek

Cromer car park - Norfolk, UK

The backlog of film has reached a tipping point. Next week will see me attempt to blitz through as many films as possible. Time, as usual, is the key reason for the backlog developing which has increased by around 33% since the summer of last year. I don't think i've ever caught up, well maybe just once, usually there are a number of film canisters sitting on the shelf awaiting the finishing touches. Work in progress.

I was rather interested to hear the former war photographer Don McCullin on a radio programme state about how he still only uses film. He likes the process of film photography and going into the darkroom. It's a refuge from the world that i imagine many photographers miss. I certainly do. Don may underestimate the amount of film photographers out there though, he seems to believe that digital has irrradicated analogue. Film remains an important part of the creative arsenal for many snappers who, like me, love digital as well.

The Don McCullin interview on the BBC Radio 4 travel programme 'Excess Baggage' is a recommended listen, especially if you want ot find out why McCullin packed a packet of Ready Brek along with three camera bodies, a lightmeter and his lenses before a big trip. This superb interview, detailing various aspects of McCullin's career, can be found HERE, or if you are viewing this post after Saturday 20th 2010, the podcast can be found among this list HERE dated 13th February 2010.

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Leila said...

Great image of Cromer - I know that car park!

You can share images with other photographers on , as well as learn some interesting world class Norfolk facts!

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