Sunday, 21 February 2010 or out.

Looking back towards Whitby - October 2009

At the time of writing, I'm rather pleased with variety and quality of my internet presence. Over the years, I've added to the main site and blog with pages on MySpace, Twitter and , more recently, Facebook. It's all about advertising the business, my photography and the services i provide, in a loose kinda fun sort of way, but it remains an advert nonetheless.

One site I've never really done much with is Flickr, although that may start to change this year. I do have a presence on Flickr, but i can't say that I've really used the site that much. That is partially due to the limitations of a free account and also because I've yet to develop a role for the website, something i mentioned a couple of posts ago. Exactly what do i do with the Flickr service? How would i use it? I just can't envisage that yet.

Is it yet another website to display my photography on? To get the best out of the website I'll have to pay, and when it comes to paying for a service, i like to know how i benefit from using it. What does it provide that is currently missing? I suppose it will add another small element to my online presence, but to be honest I'm getting to the maximum number of websites i can regularly update or interact with. The other thing that slightly concerns me are the recent stories involving various photographers who have had work 'borrowed', by large media companies, from their Flickr site. Not good. It's something i'll think about and decide upon in the Spring.


.kat. said...

I have to admit, I LOVE Flickr
simply for the fact that there
are SO many people on there! I
totally understand that there
comes a point where you can
spread yourself too thin. Which
is why I am never on Myspace
anymore. flickr = fun. ;o)

Richard said...

Thanlks for that Kat. I think that i could fit in one more site, and at the moment that looks like Flickr. I haven't quite stopped using MySpace yet, although my visits and postings have dropped quite considerably. I may give my flickr page a relaunch in April... i have a rather good photo project planned for then. Flickr would be a great place to place the pics. :o)

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