Sunday, 8 August 2010

Fishing for Answers

Fishing for crabs - Wells-Next-the-Sea, Norfolk, UK

Currently I'm engaged in the writing of the next photographer profile post that will be released around the middle of the month. Over the years I've written a number of profiles and I've really enjoyed exploring the photography and life of the great image makers featured. This month's profile marks a first for the blog though, because the profile is about about a photographer whose work i have no real liking for.

So why do it? Well, the photographer in question has probably been one of the most influential photographers of the last twenty five years. His work has received critical praise and has helped create a new stylistic output for documentary photographers. He is successful...and yet in the many years I have been viewing the work created by this individual, i have never really warmed to his work or the way he shoots his subject matter. It wasn't just me either. His photography was disliked with a passion by all of the members of my documentary photography group at college.

What is infuriating is the fact that i can't figure out exactly after all these years what i don't like. Is it the photography style or just the way he treats a subject or topic? The topics he chooses? I don't know!!! There are many photographers whose work i have come to appreciate in my 'older years'. I have already posted about my stupid lack of respect for Richard Avedon's work during my somewhat ignorant photo purist student days. Maybe the blog post will provide some of the answers I've been looking for.

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