Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Normal Service

Posters near the Whitby Pavilion complex

Technology. Great when it runs smoothly but a pain when it doesn't. The blog has been quiet these last few days due to some computer problems. Fortunately nothing too serious, however, i did have to reinstall ALL of the laptop software and start from scratch. Important data was backed up so I'm just about back to a normal level of service. Nothing lost apart from a bit of time.

I'll be recording the podcast tonight and uploading straight away so i imagine it should be ready to download by 10pm GMT. So much to do and so little time. August has been an important month for the podcast though. A coming of age, so to speak, with the podcast's inclusion in iTunes. It's building up a nice steady following which is heartening after two years of development. More improvements will come over the next few months.

Finally, i have a dilemma I'm pondering over in the shape of the extended 'Making Movies' photobook. Filming won't commence again until November and I don't know whether to end the book now OR continue the image taking in November. Keeping the book's summer filming angle sounds like a good idea so I may be looking to release the extended photobook in September.

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