Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Recycle Time

Boat undergoing renovation - Morston Quay, Norfolk, UK

The final finishing touches have been made to the new blog layout. Considering that I never intended to alter the blog's design, i think it looks a lot better. It's modern looking, fresh and, dare i say it, easier to read now that it fills the screen more. I'm glad i started fiddling with the blog's setting now, although it could have all ended in disaster. It wouldn't be the first time that I've altered a website a tweak too far. Fortunately everything went smoothly.

Last Sunday i was shooting portraits for the vampire film. The light, however, was terrible due to thick overcast/rain clouds that covered the sky over York very quickly. The light dropped so fast that my only option was to get out the Nikon flashgun to light the actors. The only problem i had was the recycling time. Modern flashguns really do draw a LOT of power very quickly so the internal battery pack is only good for ten minutes shooting at medium power... if that!

I really will have to buy an external  battery pack to cut down the recycling times during shoots. I have one in mind that will reduce the recycling times by 66 percent and enable me to work quicker. It will also save me money in the long run. Perfect.

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