Thursday, 28 April 2011

Creeping Barrage

The day is nearly here and I'm already fed up. Saturation is the best word to describe the utter BLITZKRIEG of news about the Royal Wedding. News reporting now works on the creeping artillery barrage principle - you see it coming, it gets closer and then you are totally enveloped by it. It is relentless, unforgiving and you cannot avoid it no matter what you do. It is everywhere from TV to iTunes.

William and Catherine are not to be envied. They are in the centre of this whirlwind and will be for some time to come. Most people would run away and hide. Maybe they'd like to too. Whether the viewing figures are as high as the two billion mentioned remains to be seen. It's a tough way to start your marriage. I wish them well because they seem like decent people. Ignore the royalty bit, they are just like you or me. A person.

There seems, however, to be an attitude within the media that most Brits are interested. "It's what the public want!" they would no doubt say. I'd say the reverse is true, mainly due to the over saturation of stories where every minute fibre of Will and Kate's lives is analysed, processed, photographed, filmed and spat out for consumption in the name of entertainment;  force fed to the general public. Modern day 24 hour rolling news is the worst culprit of all and they do it with everything these days - marriages, wars, celebrities and politics.

So the TV is unplugged. The net will be accessed only for work and I'll be settling down with a couple of good photography books including Susan Sontag's 'On Photography' - a book I haven't read since my student days. 

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