Saturday, 9 April 2011

Recommended Reading

The BJP is a UK photography magazine but they have a great website and blog too

Time for another list of recommended photography reading and I thought I'd mention the photography sites that cover all aspects of photography. These are the must follow photography news and information sites that i use to keep up to date with what's going on in the constantly changing world of photography.

First up we have the British Journal of Photography blog called 1854, so called because it was the year that the journal was established. The BJP mixes news, reviews and features on photographers with a good blend of UK and international coverage. If a major exhibition or a new piece of camera gear is coming out , this is usually where you can find out about it. The British Journal of Photography website can be found at Their photography blog 1854 can be found at

The next website is The online Photographer -  a truly brilliant information resource for photographer. Edited by Mike Johnston over in the US of A, the website has multiple contributors and covers literally every aspect of photography. This was the first photography blog i ever followed. Some of the more technical posts go way beyond what the average photographer would need to know, but as a website for keeping up to date with everything photographic, the Online Photographer is hard to beat. The Online Photographer can be found at 

The final website is The Photography Post and it's a new find for me. I came across the website just a few weeks ago via a Twitter link and was impressed by the Photography Post's content. It isn't the easiest site to navigate due to it's layout design and you have to sign up to comment and get the full benefit of the website feeds. That said, the content and  the diversity of photographic work displayed is excellent with some brilliant photographer's work headlined. The Photography Post can be found at 

A few other fantastic photography news websites to consider looking at are The Professional Photographer, Photo District News and Peta Pixel. Over the summer I'll be adding a few more suggestions on where to look online for your photography information fix.

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