Sunday, 17 April 2011

Making a Splash

Firestarter by photographer Markus Reugels 

This photograph caught my eye this week. Often high speed photography has the amazing capability to capture what the eye cannot see, but it is usually done from more of a scientific and technical perspective than an artistic based one. Markus Reugels' photographs manage to successfully blend both viewpoints.

The colours, shapes and textures are just beautiful and yet they exist for only a fraction of a second. The colours are simply added using food dyes and different coloured gels on Reugels' flash/strobe equipment.

This photograph, along with a few other terrific images, ( keep an eye out in the gallery for the image 'Big World in a Little Drop') have made quite an impact this week popping up on a couple of UK newspaper websites.

A good collection of Markus Reugels' images can be found on The Telegraph website HERE

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.kat. said...

THIS photo definitely caught MY
eye! Good find Rich!