Monday, 23 July 2007

Broadly speaking

Boat makes its way into Rockland Broad, Norfolk

The Norfolk broads is one of the unique features of the county and were created by the extensive excavation of peat during the roman and medieval periods. Originally it was thought that the broads were a natural feature but in the 1960's, it was discovered that the broads were a result of the flooding of peat excavations and were indeed man made.

The broads are extensive and cover over 300km of water but only 200km is navigable by boat. The broads are made up of seven rivers and around fifty broads although only sixteen are open to navigation. The water is rarely any deeper than twelve feet throughout the whole network of broads.

This was a tricky exposure that i had to do using manual setting on the camera. Fortunately the boat was not moving fast ( barely 3mph) so i was able to do some test shots before they arrived on the scene. Exposure was 1/500th at F11 which captured the contrast of light and dark perfectly.

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