Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Gimme shelter

Sea front shelter window at Cromer, Norfolk

This image was taken due to a sudden change in the weather. As i was walking along the sea front towards Cromer town centre and the great Victorian pier, it started to rain so i decided to take shelter and put my digital camera back in the bag.

Usually when you enter an old Victorian sea front shelter, the first thing you notice is the seclusion from the elements it offers. These shelters get you out of the wind as well as the rain but this one was lacking some important bits; i.e the glass of which only one bent and battered piece remained.

Probably the two greatest threats to the British seaside resort are from vandalism and the weather. Both can cause great damage but from the look and location of my shelter, i think it was the weather that had broken the glass rather than the attention of vandals.

During my last visit in 2005, that very sea front shelter had been getting a lick of paint and was looking great. Two years of North Sea gales and winter storms had obviously taken their toll. Hopefully the shelter will be back up to scratch again for 2008.

NOTE: The image was taken with the Nikon F5 and the Nikon 35mm lens using Ilford HP5 rated at 800asa. The camera bag i briefly mentioned is a Tamrac Pro 8 which i purchased during my trip and i'll be posting a review of it very soon.

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