Friday, 20 July 2007

Sea defences

Sea defence wall at Sheringham, Norfolk

We like to think of the coastline as a permanently fixed boundary between the land and the sea but it is, of course, constantly moving due to the effects of the wind, waves and tides.

This wall is part of the sea defence for the Norfolk seaside resort of Sheringham but it wouldn't look too out of place in Normandy as part of Rommel's atlantic wall; designed to stop the allied invasion of France during World War Two.

The wall stretches right along the sea front of the town with a few concrete ramps included for fisherman to access to sea with their boats. Although the wall has a very important role in protecting the town from the ravages of the sea, its not exactly nice to look at with the concrete walls creating a very unnatural fortified feel to the pebble beach.

The coast around Sheringham and all along the Norfolk coast is in a constant battle with the elements and in some places, the sea is winning the battle.

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