Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Rainy daze

Rain soaked sign at Sandringham, Norfolk

The weather has always been a popular conversation topic for the British and as you may have seen from the news, it has delivered a great deal to talk about with the flooding of areas of Oxford, Gloucestershire and the north of England over the past couple of months. Some 350,000 people are currently without tap water and vast swathes of land are underwater making it the worst flooding in sixty years. The summer so far has been a complete washout!

The poor summer weather certainly had an affect on this Norfolk photo project. One of the more noticeable things on my trip to Norfolk was how quiet many tourist areas were. Most of the top resorts were certainly not as busy as they should be; more than likely due to the heavy rain that was frequently falling during my stay. The weather was changeable... to put it mildly!

A respite in the weather for the next few weeks is looking unlikely according to the Met office, so its more and more likely that this year will be a poor year for UK tourism.

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