Sunday, 10 February 2008

Departing harbour

The Ayesha departing from Scarborough

Clear blue sky. Perfect. It's amazing how some jobs come in and everything goes by the numbers. You get other jobs that seem to have a inbuilt hassle mechanism - everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Today was a good job day..... in fact i really enjoyed it.

Scarborough was heaving with people down at the seafront. Everyone had come out to get a bit of sea air, just as the Victorians who made the town a popular resort, had done over 100 years ago.

The harbour is a favourite haunt of mine for taking photographs and today there was a lot of haze/mist in the distance nicely adding that little bit of mood. It also diffused the sun's rays making the light that little bit softer. As I was walking back, a yacht started to make its way out of the marina. I made my way back to the harbour entrance and looked about for a good place to capture the boat's departure and spotted some people just taking the view in.

Click....... the image was captured!

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