Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Light fantastic

South Bay at Scarborough

Light is a wonderful thing but sometimes i think even photographers tend to take for granted. The quality of light plays a large part in our quality of life; something which many people fail to realise until they experience a really beautiful sunset or watch the light sparkles dance on the water.

I was walking back to the car when i took this photograph. It was around 3.15pm and the beach had filled with people. I'd never seen so many people on the beach at this time of year but it was nice to see the kids playing, couples walking and the amateur photographers out and about shooting their images.

I watched one young man, about 25 years old, shooting away with his digital SLR/big zoom lens combination, stopping every now and again to take a look at the preview screen. He was that caught up in the moment that he didn't notice me take HIS picture. Oh the fun of photography! It's somewhat diluted when you go pro.

1 comment:

JennyB said...

This really is a 'light fantastic'... wonderful shot of ordinary folk brought out by the warmth of the sun. As you say... unusual for this time of year.

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