Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Passing through...

All Saints Church Graveyard, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

'You don't know what is around the next corner'. A popular phrase used to point out life's little games of chance but on a recent wander in Newcastle on a Sunday, it turned out to be quite true. I had just crossed the gorgeous Tyne bridge and was just walking about with the aim of getting back to the Quayside to take a few final photographs before leaving.

The first thing i noticed was the old church building, a rather grand building that was noticeably much older than the new office blocks and apartments surrounding it. The large black doors were covered in dust and people had scrawled their names in the dust as if trying to leave a mark so that history wouldn't forget them. I wandered on a little further and as i came around the corner of the church, an old Victorian graveyard came into view through the black ornate iron gates that covered the entrance.

The place was full of old worn and tilting gravestones that had seen many a sunrise and sunset. Touching one made you feel humble, it made you feel small in the whole scheme of we are!! These stones pass through time, seeing the people and buildings come and go. They will probably be there long after I've gone, maybe offering another photographer in the future something to photograph.

My time in the graveyard was short but i managed to take several black and white images before i had to leave. I will return and photograph this small corner of Victorian history that reflects the dark elegance of the period. It's in places like this that the past comes to life.

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