Tuesday, 5 February 2008

On the buses

Bus passengers await the next stop

Public transport is one topic i would love to photograph as part of a bigger transport project that would include the railway and motorway infrastructure of the UK.

The British transport network is under pressure to improve but ask any of these passengers if they have seen any improvements to the transport system, most would probably say no. It's down to money of course; the roads and railways have been starved of vital cash investment to help improve the quality of the infrastructure since WWII. Some UK cities have, however, decided to take it upon themselves to act and form a transport policy of their own.

York is one of the most car unfriendly cities in the UK. Car owners are actively encouraged to use the park & ride which involves parking your car outside the city and riding into town on a bus. Inner city car park space has been gradually reduced over the last ten years and fees for car parking within the city have gone up markedly. The result? A cleaner and more pedestrian friendly York.

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JennyB said...

I love the way the blues and reds all combine in this shot. I also think the colour of the apple in your previous blog, typifies the autumn colours of its maturity. The colour and detail of both draw you in. Excellent.


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