Saturday, 7 February 2009

Southern snow

Snowing near Big Ben - Image by Reuters

Britain has been locked in some serious snowy weather recently with heavy snowfall virtually grinding London to a halt earlier this week. More cold and snowy weather is expected to arrive over the next few days putting further pressure on the transport system.

A lot of wintery weather images were taken this week. Over 16,000 were sent to the BBC news desk by viewers, but for me it's this Reuters news agency shot of Big Ben in the snow that's the winner. The south of England has been hit badly by the snow with the north of England remaining largely untouched by the severe weather.

1 comment:

JennyB said...

It makes a change for us southerners to brace the icy easterly s! Great photo from Reuters...

I too have taken many amateur shots... in case we don't get any more snow for another 20 years!

Keep posting your pics... I love them!

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