Sunday, 15 February 2009

Up on high

Tyne & Wear Metro high above Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

There seems to be so much good photography about at the moment. Over the last week, I've been amazed at the excellent imagery that I've come across. Several of those superb images were posted on the blog last week. I especially loved the cityscape work which i thought was fresh and unique in it's documenting of the city as a landscape.

In a few weeks i will be doing my own cityscape photography, and I'll will be blogging throughout the day on Twitter as i do it, giving hints about what I'm up to, locations in Newcastle Upon Tyne and i'll try to post a photo or two... if i can. A number of weeks ago, i mentioned that i wanted to post whilst taking images and this is the first stage of that experimental process.

I'll be using Twitter to do this via text at first, but i hope to broaden this out over the year so that text AND newly taken images will be seen within minutes of them being taken. It's ambitious i know.... but it will be fun to try :o)

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