Thursday, 9 September 2010

Book End II

Applying make-up

I've finally decided to put the extended version of the Making Movies book to rest. The book captures a rough timeline of six summer weeks working on the vampire film Christian. I thought that adding any images taken during the forthcoming November filming would not add anything new. Time to move on.

There are 68 photographs in all in the extended version of the book. I do love the original SoFoBoMo version that was released in early July, but i did take quite a few more images on set after the 31 day deadline of July 8th. It is a very loose documentary of the film making. If anything, it documents the places we were filming around more than the movie making itself - especially towards the end of the book.

Nevertheless, I feel the project worked very well and demonstrated nicely that you don't need a expensive high mega pixel camera to create a good photo book. I may release a redesigned version of the book that will be available to purchase at later this year. Now i just have to come up with an idea for SoFoBoMo 2011. Next year's book will probably be shot using film. Maybe 6x6?

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