Tuesday 21 September 2010

Big Yellow Blad

Big Yellow Hasselblad - Gorgeous!

It's been a day for hearing about expensive cameras. First of all it was the limited edition Leica M9 Titanium that was on offer for a cool... well hand over £20,000 and they'll give you a bit of change. Leica are making just 500 and are expecting those cameras to go quickly. Some people obviously have more money than sense. I'd rather buy a ordinary M9 for a fraction of the price and use it for its intended photo taking purpose.

The second camera i spotted was the one I'd go for. A 'built for NASA' Hasselblad MKWE kit going for the small price tag of $33,751 on eBay. Brand new, of course. The looks of envy on other photographers faces as you bought this baby out of your camera bag would be well worth the expense. As you may have already figured out, this is one Hassleblad that I'd buy - and I'm not a Hassleblad fan. It is a cool bright yellow though... and useful if you ever need to take photographs in space...

Finally, as you all may know, i do like Twitter, but i realise that many people just find accessing Twitter difficult. Well now you can enjoy some of the many great twitter photography links via my 'The Photography Daily' online daily newspaper - an online webpage that is 'printed' daily and contains the best Twitter photography links in a readable newspaper page form. Check it out HERE.

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