Wednesday 15 September 2010

Welsh Horse

Welsh Horse, 1994

Going through the negative archive i came across this picture. It was shot in North Wales, in the wonderful countryside just outside of the beautiful Welsh town of Conwy. I vividly remember photographing the horse. It was 1994, the year that i was to start studying photography at HND level. To me, this image marks the point where i began to make the journey to finally becoming a professional photographer.

Even though it was late July, the light was starting to fade when i took this photo, and i wasn't helped by the fact i was shooting  using Agfapan 25 - a gorgeous quality, slow ISO 25 35mm film that, for a couple of years, was one of my favourite films of choice. The film was discontinued around ten years ago. It wasn't the easiest film to shoot, or process now i come to think of it, but i did capture some great photos with Agfapan.

This blog post is number 500, so to celebrate reaching that milestone, I'll be posting another Welsh Agfapan image tomorrow that will take the honour of being post number 501.

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