Thursday, 16 September 2010

Welsh Farmer

Mowing a hayfield - North Wales, 1994

This photograph was among the first on the roll. Again it was another Agfapan 25 shot taken during the same stroll out and about as the portrait of the lovely Welsh horse that i posted yesterday.

The camera used would have been my trusty Pentax Program A which i must admit was a terrific camera. I loved it to bits and used it for most of the 1990's. It was light, compact and well made. Combined with the superb manual focus lenses Pentax did, it was a great system to learn photography with. I still have that camera, retired when i bought my Nikon F4, along with the Pentax Super A and MX i used too. Great gear.

My developing notes tell me that i processed the film in Agfa's own Rodinal developer. At the time i was using Rodinal purely for processing Agfa work, with TMAX developer used for the Kodak/Ilford medium and fast speed film. I used to shoot a lot of TMAX 400 film back then, but these days i use Ilford FP4 or HP5. I just decided, after around ten years of using TMAX, that i preferred the subtle contrasty tones of the Ilford films to Kodak's more creamier tones.

A few more of the Agfapan 25 shots will be posted on the Darker Skies blog over the next few days.

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