Saturday, 23 October 2010

Artists at Mousehole

Artists painting in Mousehole, Cornwall

After an eight hour train ride from the north of England, i finally arrived in Cornwall on Wednesday night. It's my first visit here and what strikes you first is the quality of the light. It has an incredibly warm, clear quality and yet subtle. I've heard (from an artist in a Penzance pub) that the light in St Ives is even better! I should be heading that way next week.

Yesterday i started the day at Marazion visiting St Michael's Mount, continuing the journey on to Penzance with the final destination being the small harbour village of Mousehole. It was quite a walk but well worth the aching feet. The cloudscapes down here are also very impressive with a variety of patterns and textures forming in the sky, no doubt due to the influence of the sea.

I can certainly see why artists of all kinds head to Cornwall. More posts soon.

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