Sunday, 3 October 2010

The Month Ahead

Bullet time vision provided by lots of Canon 5D MkIIs

Life delivers all sorts of surprises. Some of them not very nice. The last couple of weeks have focused around a member of my family who has been diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is a  little word, but one with a hugely devastating effect on families. You will understand my absence from the blog this last couple of weeks. This month, however, will see a larger number of posts starting around the 20th.

Cornwall. Sea, sky and photography. As many of you may already know from the September podcast, it will be my first visit to the county and I'm really looking forward to it. I'll even be recording a podcast while I'm there. At the moment I'm thinking about gear. The digital camera is going, naturally, and I'll also be taking a 35mm SLR shooting black and white film. A good mix of formats. Next time I'll take the big gear for some serious 6x6 black and white photography.

Finally I'll leave you with a couple of great photography links. First, we have the photographing of some surfers by 52 Canon 5D MkII cameras to create a Matrix style bullet time effect. The results are most impressive and can be found HERE. Second, we have a very good photo story on female Marines in Afghanistan who can access areas of Afghan society forbidden to their male counterparts. A great piece of photo-journalism by Lynsey Addario of The New York Times that can be found HERE.

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