Friday, 29 October 2010

Even Light

Looking over the rocks near The Minark Theatre, Cornwall

Light is a critical ingredient in a photo. It makes or breaks an image. I heard a lot of claims about how brilliant the county of Cornwall was during my stay. Many of them were based on personal preference or life style choice, but Cornwall certainly had one element to it that could not be disputed - the light.

I mentioned in an earlier blog post about the Cornish light but failed to mention how even the light is. The photograph above was taken at the Minark Theatre and has had NO Photoshop work on it. Nothing. It is seen here just as it came out of the Capture One software. No dodging or burning.

During a talk in a Penzance pub with a local artist, he mentioned that the light is even better in St Ives. Unusually it was put down to the sand on the beach which sounds a fascinating theory, but I'm somewhat doubtful about how true it is. Sadly i never got to visit  St Ives. Another time maybe...

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