Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Behind the Shield

I'm back home in Yorkshire after a rather quiet and pleasant trip up yesterday on the train. My thoughts during the journey were mixed. I'd had a superp time of seeing a dear friend, the beauty of Cornwall, some warm sunny weather and great photography/beer* (*delete where applicable), but the early return home was tainted with an large amount of regret.

They say that you usually hurt those you are closest to and, in my case, that was absolutely true. My good friend Sophie finally recognised a few things eating away at me towards the end of the trip, however, over the weekend I had put her through some unforgivable moody outbursts (most unlike me i might add) that stressed the friendship to near breaking point. Had i lost that friendship i would have been devastated. That feeling of 'being lost' has been creeping up on me for months (combined with other recent family issues) and finally it burst out. I aimed all my frustration at the last person in the world i would want to hurt.

I need to sort some things out in my life and then, hopefully, i will be able to return to Cornwall to take some more great photographs and visit a dear friend again...

Maybe, just maybe, I've been hiding behind a camera for too long...

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