Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Nashville Portraits

Portrait of Gillian by Mark Tucker

Ah i love film, i love Polaroid and i LOVE 5x4 cameras even though sadly I don't currently own one . It was with this thought in mind, while perusing through the mass menagerie of photography tweets, that i came across this little gem called 'My Day With'.

Taken on Polaroid film using a Graflex 5x4 camera with a lens older than my parents, several of these superb portraits show why film still has a place in any photographer's arsenal. Film photography just has such a unique look plus you have to work that little bit harder to get great results. No wonder Polaroid film has recently made quite a comeback via The Impossible Project.

Photographer Mark Tucker is the guy taking these wonderful portraits and he explains:-

 'I’m doing this side personal project, where I’m documenting offbeat characters in my town of Nashville, Tennessee. I’ve acquired an old 1942 custom made Graflex camera that shoots 4×5 Polaroid, and I’m shooting that, plus some Nikon, plus some video. I scan the Polaroids and then work with them. The lens is from 1941, and it’s amazing, how you never know how it’s going to render a scene.'

If you want a super photography blog to look at then I'd certainly recommend http://mydaywith.com/. A blog packed full to the rafters with truly great photography. Enjoy.


.kat. said...

What a gem of a post! I wish
had a 5x4 camera as well! My
SX-70 is out of film and I'm
too broke to purchase any at
the time. Oh Polaroid, how
you tease us so. I'll need
to check this guy out. :)
Nashville, TN even. How'd I
miss this?!

.kat. said...

P.S. Joshua Black Wilkins is also
another fantastic photographer.
Alex recognized two people from
Mark Tuckers portfolio. How neat
is that?! Small world.

Richard said...

I agree. It really is a gem of a website. I really love the warmth of the photographer and his work. The 5x4 Polaroid shots are wonderful. I wondered if you or Alex would recognise anyone :o) It is a small world.

I wish i had a 5x4 too Kat. I'm planning on getting one later this year. Always loved working with 5x4. You can take your time. i'll check out Joushua Black Wilkins too. :o)

Hope you guys are keeping OK.