Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Podcast Progress

Certain issues with the podcast have come to light recently that have needed my attention.The podcast has been online nearly one year so it seems the right time to make a few adjustments to improve things.

The biggest change regards the podcast hosting which has been moved from PodcastMachine due to the lack of, for the want of a better word, bandwidth. The new host at jellycast offers a considerably larger data transfer allowance which is desperately needed to maintain podcast access. The success and demand for the podcast has, ironically, caused it quite a few problems.

Many people were unable to download any of the podcasts when the PodcastMachine hosting data transfer allowance  ran out. There was no point recording a podcast that no one could listen to. An efficient solution had to be found, so today i decided to move the podcast's home to jellycast. A new iTunes page for this feed should be available very soon.

Currently the February podcast is available to download from the new host. The PodcastMachine podcasts will remain online but no further podcasts will be added to that feed.

To subscribe to the brand new jellycast powered Richard Flint Photography Podcast go to:

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