Monday, 14 March 2011

Top Left

Just a tinge of pride and a modest ego boost was gained this weekend from an E-mail sent by RedBubble:

'Congratulations Richard! Your work is featured on the RedBubble homepage today. One of our homepage curators picked your image because they thought it was brilliant. Less than 3 in a thousand works make it onto the homepage – so that’s a great achievement!'

Sadly i didn't get to see the homepage (11th March) featuring my speedway photograph in the top left hand corner. Not that it matters, they did send me a great screen shot of it.

The feedback about my photograph from other RedBubble users was brilliant too. One guy described it as gritty (that is a compliment, yes?) also liking the tonality of the photograph. Another used the word awesome which is... awesome. :o)

I must admit that I've always liked the way that speedway photograph hints at the decisive moment of a sudden release of immense engine power. To me, it captures the essence of what motorsport is all about.

1 comment:

.kat. said...

Yay! That's. . . AWESOME!
Rich, your work truly is
fantastic and I am so glad
that someone took the time
to recognize that. Yay! :D

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