Monday, 21 January 2008

All at sea

Pilots on the bridge

This image was taken as part of my first photo documentary project about ship's pilots in May 1992. A project that i will always remember for a couple of reasons.

Getting permission to accompany the pilots onto a ship wasn't too difficult. No, the main problem i encountered was staying focused taking images. So much was going on and the thrill of being on a large ship really affected my image taking.

A photographer should see the world via the viewfinder - i unfortunately just got carried away by the excitement of the moment. Maybe my love of the sea, the clean air and the waves also distracted me. Somehow i managed to get enough good images to finish the project.

After about 20 minutes on board it was time to climb down a long rope ladder fastened to the side of the ship and jump onto the small pilot boat - all this as we are moving along at several knots. Exhilarating would be the best way of describing it - a bit daunting too as you climb out onto the forty foot ladder. I was just glad it was a calm day at sea !

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