Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Emotional message

Uberlingen am Bodensee, West Germany, 1965 - Image: Leonard Freed

Today 2.30pm. I decide to take a break after a couple of hours in the studio and pick up a book I hadn't looked at for quite some time. The book i choose was 'In our Time' by William Manchester which features a vast collection of images shot by Magnum photo agency photographers. As i flicked through the pages, one large full page image suddenly made me stop in my it always does.

Leonard Freed's image of an old couple visiting the grave of their (only?) son is for me the greatest anti-war image ever shot. The photograph has always been a favourite image of mine purely for the strong message it conveys across to the viewer. The image was shot in 1965 in West Germany but perfectly reflected the horrible ramifications of World War II on one individual family.

Photography is about emotional feeling as well as seeing. This image by Leonard Freed is one of the best examples of a photograph portraying an emotional message.

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