Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Soviet star III

Fence still-life

Here is the final shot taken using the Russian Kiev 60 6x6 camera - a remarkable camera that's fun to use. I've really enjoyed using the camera to shoot these images but even more thrilling has been seeing the results which i think are just fantastic.

Russian cameras tend to be looked upon as poor imitations of their western counterparts but I've always believed that a good photographer should be able to take great photographs regardless of the camera he is using. The Kiev is a basic but solid camera that delivers what its designed to do but I've been lucky to get a good one. A look on the Internet gave some insight that some Kievs are better than others - Kiev's can suffer from poor assembly which can lead to light leakage, film advance problems and more. If you intend buying one check the camera thoroughly before purchase.

I would recommend buying a Kiev to anyone interested in photography. With a good Kiev camera, you have to work to produce images; point and shoot, this camera most certainly isn't but you will learn (or remember!) the basics of photography and have fun.

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