Friday, 4 January 2008

New resolutions

New Year is always the time for making resolutions, that annual promise we all try and keep but sometimes fall way sort on. Photography is no exception with many photographers making promises, with the start of the New Year, to change something about their work or how they work.

I'm no exception. I've decided to try and do MORE studio photography.......well actually more photography generally. Maybe that's pushing it when i think about the amount of work i do already. Quality and not quantity should maybe be the motto for the year.

1 comment:

JennyB said...

Hi Rich

What I'd really like to see on your website is a little more colour and some pics of people?? Am I being too bold?

There is more to you than the powerful black and white tempestuous skies...?

Am I wrong?

Jenny... speaking as a friend not a critic.

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