Tuesday, 8 January 2008

The real me?

Know who this is?

Most people hate having their photograph taken. I know i do. Most of this hatred stems from the fact that we have a perceived idea about how we look to other people. Photography often doesn't reflect the way we think we look. The concept is called Residual self image and was popularized by the 'The Matrix' series of films.

As a small project over the next week I'm going to photograph myself everyday. The final favourite image of mine will be posted on the blog on Tuesday 15th. Will i think that the photograph is a good representation of me? Probably not. Will i have digitally manipulated it? Almost definitely! Will i pick one of the images from the later shoots when i've become comfortable to being in front of the camera? Don't know!

For those curious about the photo booth image, it's a self portrait of the great photographer Ansel Adams taken in a photo booth during the 1930's. Just goes to show that even great photographers can only get passable results from a photo booth!

1 comment:

Richard said...

*NOTE* Although the final selected portrait was not posted on the website, it was added to the 'about me' section. The photograph was taken on the first day of shooting.

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