Saturday, 10 January 2009

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Anne Frank

I watched the last episode of the BBC's series about Anne Frank tonight, a series that has been on TV every night this week. It was such a brilliant production and should open the Anne Frank story up to an entirely new generation of people.

Along with the diary writing, it's the photographs of Anne that help bring her story to life. We can see the youth and character behind the writing. The images are just simple family photographs, taken without any knowledge of Anne's future as an author, but even so, the images give a face to the writer whose work resonates with all ages. It's such a young face too.

I rather like the image above. It looks like one of those author photographs that are usually placed on the back or inside of book jackets. I imagine that Anne would have loved that.


Dmitri said...

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.kat. said...

I would have LOVED to see that series here. I wonder if PBS will be broadcasting it here in the States. I have to agree with you on the above photo. It truly captures the brilliant young author perfectly.

Richard said...

I imagine that the series will be shown in the U.S, Kat, though when is anyone's guess. It is well worth waiting for though. For those in the UK, the Anne Frank series will be repeated on BBC2 later this month.

The series differs slightly from others about Anne Frank in that it looks more at what Anne was going through emotionally as a teenager. The term teenager was created in 1944 and Anne's writing reflects a lot of what we now call adolescence.

The show also has a photography link in that Iain Glen, who plays Otto Frank, played Vietnam war photographer Tim Page in a TV film called 'Frankie's House'.

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