Sunday, 25 January 2009


Panoramic images taken along the canal towpath - Wolverhampton 1997

The two images above were taken using a Halina panoramic camera purchased from a camera shop in Wolverhampton for £16. Cheap and simple, the camera only used the middle section of a 35mm frame to record the image. Exposures had to be made in bright sunlight as the aperture and shutter speed were fixed. As you can imagine image quality is good but not excellent.

I took these as part of an experiment for a project i was doing. The results didn't impress me at the time and i moved onto another idea but after coming back to the negatives, over 11 years later, I've come to rather like the results. The photographs do have quite a lot of 'noise' but i think that adds a little something to the images. I may use the camera when I'm up in Newcastle Upon Tyne next month.... just as a simple experiment in panoramic photography.

The only annoying thing about the camera is the fact that my Mum managed to get an identical Halina panorama camera in a charity shop for £1.00. Grrr...

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