Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Yes you can !

Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States photographed by Peter Yang

The day has come. The pressure on the new President is going to huge. I just hope that people's expectations will be realistic and not on a biblical level. Even here in the UK, the media have gone mad analysing every facet of the inauguration. Rather ironic considering many of the British journalists, this time last year, regarded Obama as having next to no chance of overcoming the Clinton political machine. How wrong they were!

I came across this shot on A Picture's Worth, a great photo blog with some terrific images. The inclusion of the Apple laptop and various techno gadgets captures one of the new President's interests. He does seem to like his gadgets. I especially like the Pacman symbol on the laptop cover. A sense of humour is essential if you have just become President - especially in these turbulent and difficult times.

The White House now has a young family living there and this is one of the most appealing aspects of this new presidency. You can imagine the rooms and gardens of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue being explored by the kids...oh and the new puppy. Wonderful material for a photographer. If i was Pete Souza, the new White House photographer, i think i'd want to capture the family settling into their new White House home first.

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Richard said...

Jason Reed over at Reuters has posted a rather interesting article about what it was like to cover the Bush presidency as a photographer. The blog post is at http://blogs.reuters.com/photo/2009/01/19/bush-years-defining-his-presidency/

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