Thursday, 22 January 2009

Back to Mac

Back to Mac - The sublime range of Apple Mac laptops

Over the last few weeks, I've been looking into getting a new computer to be used for photography and online work. I currently have a Dell desktop that still works fine, but it is over four years old and computing moves on at a fast pace. Time for something new. It's with this thought in mind that I've been having a look around for a replacement machine and my conclusions have finally led me towards Apple Mac.

It will be like returning to an old friend. Apple Mac was the first serious computer system i became familar with. Up until around the mid 1990's, Macs were all I'd ever used. I learned to use Photoshop on a Mac and typed up countless essays and dissertations on a Mac too. Every Monday morning at college we would sit down and learn the intricate details of the Photoshop software. I hated it back then but I've since come to realise that i was investing in my creative future. Photoshop has changed little in ten years. More options, more tools and a few cosmetic changes but otherwise Photoshop CS4 is very much the same to use as version 3 way back in 1995. But enough of that.. back to the subject at hand.

After a search around the web and a look at the technology news I've come to the conclusion that, among other things, i really don't like where Microsoft is taking the already bloated Windows operating system. The new Windows 7 beta was demonstrated on the BBC and i came away from the video clip very much underwhelmed - it's not all that different from Vista. Windows 7, due for release in 2010, would probably be the installed operating system on my next computer purchase and this, combined with the seemingly constant stream (or should that be assault) of Windows security alerts, bugs, viruses, trojans, spyware, fix updates, etc, has made my mind up.

Hmm yes. I just like the way they do things at Apple. It's that simple. The current Apple operating system OS X is solid, reliable, stylish, easy to use and not at all bloated. The Mac now has the processing power of Intel - once, long ago, the major selling point over Apple for the PC. Computing changes over the years and so do we. I do have to be honest that my computing needs have changed considerably over the last ten years - less gaming and far more creative work. I purchased my first PC due to price, specifications and flexibility and i will use the same criteria when buying my next computer even though my requirements have altered dramatically. I have remained a PC user for ten years - and i will continue to use my current computers alongside any Mac purchased, but the future looks as being a Mac future, at least for me. So it's back to Mac...

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