Tuesday, 13 January 2009

No means no

Ferrybridge power station cooling towers - West Yorkshire, UK

Lots going on at the moment. The main photography website is being completely redesigned to incorporate new galleries and things. The last site developed complications and needed updating anyway.... so RFP website number 7 was started. As part of the online expansion, a new online store is open (currently linked via the blog only) which i want to update and improve over the year.

Yesterday i get a call. Bloody Yell.com again! I keep getting sales calls from Yell.com ( i cancelled the ad back in 2007) who then go into a selling blitzkrieg as they try to sell me advertising, no matter how much i say no. 'Previous investment with you did not produce anywhere near an equal return' is my usual answer which is a polite way of saying your advertising sucks, but they just don't want to hear anything connected to the word no. You actually have to be rude (not something I'm comfortable with) just to get rid of them. They have an argument for everything.

After five minutes of 'discussion', my final sentence went along the lines of " look, i have no interest in what Yell have to offer".There was a quick, curt and slightly frustrated sounding goodbye - then they were gone. I will just say thanks but no thanks and put the phone down next time.

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