Friday, 15 May 2009

Out of this world

British-American astronaut Piers Sellers spacewalking in 2006

Yet another space related post, but i couldn't resist after seeing the quality of light up there via the TV footage of the current Hubble repair mission. This shot of Piers Sellars just shows the wonderful clarity of light without the dust and debris of Earth's atmosphere affecting it. Another rather cool photograph seen HERE shows the loneliness of space. I just love the deep blue colour of Earth.

So... if NASA needed a photographer quickly and offered me a place, would i go up there? Hmm yes, especially with all this wall to wall coverage about British MP's expense claims abuse on TV at the moment. Without hesitation. I could just go for a spacewalk, sit back , have a cup of tea and watch the world slowly turn. So if the lovely people at NASA are reading this blog, all i can say is I'm ready and waiting for your phone call.... Now what camera do i take?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Shame Piers isn't sporting the British Flag in the picture

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