Sunday, 31 May 2009

SoFoBoMo Book

Water bottle and bench - York city walls

Well it's done. Finished. Completed. I finally got the book finished after working on it solidly over the weekend. It was fun too. It was challenging at times, but the sense of achievement is unbeatable when you finally see the finished item.

Am i pleased with the book? Yes i am. I set my goals fairly high for a first attempt at a serious book, and i think i delivered... but i'll let others be the judge of that. Saying that, all that matters really is that i'm happy with it as a piece of work. Not that i'm totally finished with the book. I'm still trying to reach the optimum quality/size ratio for the book's pdf file. Twenty two megabytes is about the size of three songs from iTunes but i think i can reduce it further. More tweaking and fiddling about is required.

To download the 21.9mb PDF of the book called 'Walled City - Photographs of York' go to

[Update] A new 14.9mb version of the book has been uploaded. Click on the link above to download.

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