Friday, 29 May 2009

SoFoBoMo shoot

Couple walk along York's medieval walls

It was hot. Very hot. It was a good day though for shooting images for the Solo Photo Book Month project. York was very busy and lots of tourists were exploring the old medieval walls. The walls are an integral part of York's identity and also an important asset in the race to attract tourists. York has more miles (1.9 miles) of intact city wall, more than anywhere else in England. Some sections date back to Roman times although the vast majority dates from the 12th to 14th century.

The above image was among the last taken. The image nicely reflects the popularity of the walks around the walls for both locals and tourists. It's a great way to see the city and get around without having to cross the busy roads. The photography will reflect the wall's importance as an architectural and cultural feature of York using a mixture of landscape and documentary styles. The height of the walls give you a unique view of the city and the day to day activity there.

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