Monday, 18 May 2009

Seaside special

Entrance to Cromer pier - Norfolk, UK, July 2008

If there is one element of the British seaside resort that seems to remain popular, it would have to be seaside entertainment. We are talking about the end of the pier theatre shows that have a mixture of singers, comedians, orchestras and dancers. These shows are about as close as you can get to old music hall and variety theatres these days. This style of entertainment was even turned into a British TV show in the 1970's called, unsurprisingly, Seaside Special.

You can sing along to Glenn Miller's hits one minute, before embarking on a 'rockathon' to hits from the sixties and seventies, played by a variety of tribute bands. Nostalgia plays a big part in seaside show business. People love it. Most of it is aimed at families, but it must be said that most of the audience tend to be made up of ladies and gentlemen from the older generations.

Yes, they may be rather old fashioned, and yes it can look quite naff. but seaside specials add a whole lot of fun and colour to the sea front. Long may they continue.

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