Friday, 28 March 2008

Beside the Quayside..

The Quayside market, Newcastle upon Tyne

A recent assignment reminded me how much digital photography has radically changed the way professional photographers work today. The ability to photograph a subject and see what you've taken, there and then, is brilliant but the real radical change has come with the delivery of the images to the client.

Every now and again, I get a phone call from a local supplier of packaging asking about what my needs for sending items through the post are. My reply often surprises them. The vast majority of my work is transmitted via E-mail to whomever wants it, whether it's a magazine publisher, website developer or business person. I rarely post items these days and if i do, it's usually on optical media like a CD-ROM or DVD and not prints.

I am a big fan of film and i do believe that it's still an important part of photography that all photographers should try and use but digital has the key benefits of speed and convenience on its side. For a working snapper these features are critical when tight deadlines and fast delivery are involved.

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