Thursday, 6 March 2008

Linux lineup

Linux in the lineup?

I am engaged in two experiments at the moment. The first is trying to get a old DELL laptop back to some sort of reliable status. The jury is still out on this matter but i think that i may be able to get the old DELL laptop to work with the addition of some new cheap components purchased from eBay. I hate waste and we already dispose of too many computers and electrical items without thinking of recycling or reusing them elsewhere. Hopefully this computer may have a second chance with Richard Flint Photography.

The second part of the experiment is the operating system which, due to the nature of the computer's uncertain future, is a free Linux based system called Ubuntu. So far I've been impressed with this free 700MB downloadable operating system that includes email, Firefox Internet browser and multimedia utilities within the package. I've always used (and preferred) Microsoft operating systems but Linux definitely offers a vast choice of alternative systems for running your computer - just type Linux into Google and see what comes up! Best of all, most (if not all) of them are available for free.

The first stage of the experiment is complete and now its down to finding some great software for photography use. Ideally I'd like something that is easy to use, flexible but, most importantly, offers good image file transfer compatibility between Microsoft XP and Linux. More will be posted on this and the future of the DELL soon.

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