Monday, 17 March 2008

Secret agent?

It was the look on the assistant's face that said it all. Washing agent? What on earth is washing agent? That's the digital generation for you. Go anywhere near the old Victorian method of taking images and they haven't a clue but ask them about the digital image sensor on a 'Nikanon DS4000D' and they suddenly become a fountain of knowledge. Sad when you consider that this baffled shop assistant works for THE major high street photographic retailer in the UK.

For those of you who don't know..... washing agent is a liquid that stops water marks appearing on the negatives when your film is drying. It's not unlike a very mild washing liquid but a hunt over the last few days has turned up that it is rarer than the Transylvanian plywood beetle. The best offer I've had has been a delivery in three to four days. A bottle costs under £4 and used to be readily available. Obviously that is no longer the case!

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Artstar said...

Black & white darkroom printing is an amazing art form. Sadly I admit my darkroom is dusty but my computer processes images every day.

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