Saturday, 22 March 2008

Monochrome magic

Ilford HP5 film developed using TMAX chemicals

The one piece of advice that i always give to people who ask about film/developer is 'find a film/developer you like and get to know them inside out'.

Why? Well quite simply you can get to know how a shot will look from past experience. It's also much easier to diagnose problems should you run into them. Quite simply it just makes the job of producing images that bit easier! This photograph was produced using Ilford HP5 rated at ISO400 and developed in Kodak TMAX developer for seven minutes. The results are just superb!

Walking through the All Saints graveyard in Newcastle was a very interesting experience. There aren't many places that give the impression of passing through time but this was certainly one that did. I realised as soon as i went through the black gates that i was onto something good. You could almost smell the history and see the people who'd visited the graveyard in years gone past.

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