Monday, 3 March 2008

On message 2

another sign

Regular visitors to the blog will remember a shot taken a few weeks ago at the same church. Out and about today in the same area of York i came across the church again complete with a new sign.

I must admit that i do like the contemporary 'phone texting' approach to the signs although how much impact they have on the public is anyone's guess. They do make you think though. Am i living a lie?


JennyB said...

How sanctimonious of this church to assume that 'we' are living a lie - presumably because we don't 'believe' or attend their 'church'! I have known several 'church goers' who have lied in order to get what they want, while I have known some non-believers who are as straight and as honest as they can possibly be. Surely the church pictured can think of a more intelligent way to swell their congregation?

Robert Donovan said...

Being the rabid atheist that I am, I have a a completely different take than what I am guessing was the intended message.

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