Monday, 24 March 2008

Detached space

Consett bus station - February 2008

I spotted this photograph whilst walking through Consett bus station. The spacing between the people says a lot about how we like our own space even when standing in public places with people all around. We are becoming a more detached society; a growing detachment from each other fueled by things like the Internet and text messaging.

I always find it rather sad when i see people walking about with their iPods playing, the music's tinny sound blasting out to everyone in earshot like a portable soundtrack to this modern urban world. It's like these people want to shut out the environment around them, using the music as a wall to block out the world. I always like to hear what's going on around me and soak up the sounds.

I like listening to the sounds of the street. The brakes squeaking on a bicycle, the shout of a market stall holder selling their produce and the occasional brief listen to a passing conversation. Am i just being nosy? Yes probably!

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